Business Finance

Dosh's Business Finance offers a wide variety of products to suit your individual business needs.

Whatever your size or industry, together with Dosh's experienced team, we will deliver a finance solution to support your goals.

Choose from these following products:

Truck & Trailer Finance

This product is a great way to finance your next acquisition. Use our experienced team to find a product suitable to your business.

Equipment & Machinery Finance

When financing any equipment or machinery purchase, consider whether that capital could be better spent back in the business. i.e. away from a depreciating asset and back into your core profitable business activities.

Cash Flow Finance

This product allows you to access your trade debtors by way of a line of credit. This restriction is now removed, enabling you to choose to fund the growth of your business by using your debtors as security.

Motor Vehicle Finance

Whether you're looking for one or a fleet of vehicles you require a product to meet your needs. Allow Dosh to spend the time helping you find a suitable product when financing your motor vehicle purchases.

Fleet Management

Dosh's experience in this area allows you to take the guess work out of managing your fleet of vehicles. Allow Dosh to give you an independent view on this, and the best way forward for your fleet.

Motor Vehicle Sourcing

Sometimes it's 'who you know' when buying a motor vehicle. Dosh knows these people and how to get the most from these relationships. So spend more time behind the wheel and less time in the car yards.


Disclaimer: the information provided hasn't taken into account any person's individual objectives, financial situation or needs. Before acting on any information you should seek independent professional advice.